Data corruption is the damage of info because of various software or hardware fails. The moment a file is corrupted, it will no longer function as it should, so an application will not start or shall give errors, a text file will be partially or completely unreadable, an archive will be impossible to open and then unpack, etc. Silent data corruption is the process of info getting damaged without any acknowledgement by the system or an admin, which makes it a significant problem for web hosting servers as problems are very likely to occur on larger hard drives where vast volumes of information are placed. In case a drive is a part of a RAID and the data on it is duplicated on other drives for redundancy, it is more than likely that the damaged file will be treated as a healthy one and it will be copied on all drives, making the damage permanent. A huge number of the file systems that run on web servers today often are unable to identify corrupted files instantly or they need time-consuming system checks through which the server is not operational.