Founded in 2019 by Alex Fuchs, Progressive Technology Solutions employs engineers with varying backgrounds to provide well rounded service to our clients. Our engineers come directly from the industries we serve, retail, the private sector, and health care. We are all passionate technologists that take pride on staying well informed on the latest tech that provides value for our clients.

We take a unique three pronged approach to assisting our customers.

Flat Fee Per Employee

In our flat fee approach, we charge you a fixed fee to support your organization each month. The fee is based on the number of employee’s with a computer. This fee covers Anti-Virus software, managing all 3rd party and windows updates, all remote and over the phone technical support, and a license to Office365 which includes email and the Microsoft Office suite.  It’s a turn key way to run your business without any costly monthly surprises.

Hourly Time and Materials

Most managed service providers have all but eliminated this, but some of our customers still like the flexibility of paying for our help as they need it. We provide discounts for pre-purchased hours and customers who wish to be on a retainer.

Project Work

Many of our long time customers came to us after having us work on a project for them, like upgrading a server, refreshing their networking equipment, or migrating them to Office365.  We provide fixed bids or time and material based billing for Adhoc projects as well.


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